Customer journeys

A path to the optimal customer experience

Mensen schrijven op sticky notes om een klantreis in kaart te brengen Mensen schrijven op sticky notes om een klantreis in kaart te brengen Mensen schrijven op sticky notes om een klantreis in kaart te brengen

A customer journey goes through multiple channels. With a customer journey map, we map how customers experience the contact moments with your organization. And how you can optimize the customer experience.

Insight into interaction

Focusing on the customer - everyone wants it, but it does not always work. Often it lacks an outside-in perspective: How does the customer experience contact with your organization? How does the customer feel when he calls your customer service, chats with a product specialist, looks for information about a product on your website, or submits a complaint about delivery via a web form? With customer journeys, you find out and you can design improvements for the existing practice.

Making a dream journey

When you create a customer journey, you discover the negatives and positives of that journey. The 'moments of truth' become visible - the moments where you can make a difference for your customers by surprising them positively. Besides so-called 'as-is journeys' that describe the current situation, we use our expertise and creativity to create 'to-be journeys' (dream journeys). This way, we know exactly what the improvements should look like.

Journeys are ideal to align with your stakeholders and to map pitfalls early. A fantastic starting point for every design journey.

— Sjors Metz, UX designer

The strength of combination

Customer journeys are a great start to focus on the customer experience within your organization. You can enhance the customer experience even more if you combine customer journeys with other tools and techniques such as personas, ecosystems and service blueprints. This determines which type of customers your organization focuses on, the context in which they make their journey, and what is required in the organization to make the customer journey possible.

<a name="contentjourney">The content of a smooth journey

Content is inextricably linked to good customer experience. That is why we have developed a specific type of customer journey: the content journey. You will receive answers to concrete questions such as:

  • What information needs do my customers have?
  • Which content types and tone and voice do we use within my organization?
  • How do I improve existing content and develop new content for different channels?
  • How do I deploy content in a targeted manner?

The content journey provides a clear picture of how you can improve the journey of your customers with content. This insight is indispensable in determining your omnichannel content strategy.


More on customer journeys

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What we can do for you

  • Analyze and optimize existing customer journeys.
  • Design new customer journeys.
  • Provide in-house customer journey training.

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