Leading in connection, with impact and results

Innovate, venture, and connect. Experience the power of value-driven design by a team of experienced innovators in the world of value-propositions, intuitive interfaces, clear design systems, and concrete content architecture.

Value propositions

Tangible promises that don't yet exist, but do work.

Shape the future with your digital applications. Turn ideas for new services and products into tangible promises. We bring together market, possibilities, and motivations today in robust, validated value propositions for the day after tomorrow.

Design your innovation

UX concepts

Intuitive interfaces to resonate with your heart and soul

Transform your product, service, or innovation into a valued digital experience with our intuitive interfaces, based on a values-driven approach. Whether you are an SME or a multinational, at Informaat we design sustainable user solutions for everyone.

Discover the You in UX

Design systems

One digital library, the same look everywhere.

Anchor your brand guide in an online library. Avoid confusion - and overtime - when designing new applications. We bring all your content elements and guidelines together for a consistent, recognizable digital identity.

Give your identity a system

Content architecture

Digital discipline, down to the last detail.

Organize your information. Define what content you use where and when, and relate it to each other. We design the architecture for a usable - and recognizable - order, without overlooking a single bullet point.

Cement your content strategy

Dedicated expertise

Expand your team with our experts

In addition to complete design solutions, we can also help you with expertise to augment your own team. Our people are eager to assist with the big picture or even the smallest button.

Our offer

Want to know more about our propositions?

We are eager to collaborate to make your business valuable, authentic, and credible to your customers of the day after tomorrow. Send us a message and we will get in touch.

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Business director
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