Value propositions

Digital innovation that you can feel and experience

Ready for the future? Together, we come up with ideas for new digital products and services and translate these into value propositions that demonstrably make your customers happy.

What you can ask us for

In a world that is continuously changing and where technological possibilities rapidly succeed each other, users are becoming increasingly demanding. Making well-considered choices for the future of your company is crucial to stay a step ahead of the competition and to keep surprising your customers positively.

We can help you with the following challenges:

  • How do I design valuable propositions for my target group?
  • How do I increase the speed and success of my innovations?
  • How do I create a future vision that incites action?
  • How do I maximize the power of data and AI?
  • How do you create a culture of innovation?

What you get from us

We help you by sharply mapping your target audience, your business context, and technological and societal trends. And by translating the insights into a clear proposition that connects your business interest to your customer needs. You will receive the following results:

  • Value propositions that fit your target audience and your strategy.
  • Validated prototype of the proposition.
  • Understanding of your target audience, their values, needs, pain points, and behavior.
  • New insights about your users, services, and products.
  • Development roadmap, service blueprint from the first pilot to the long-term vision.

Boon Edam

The entrance of the future is online

Read more about how we prepared Boon Edam, a global player in entrance solutions, for the future with the development of concrete validated value propositions, a future vision, and a UX concept for their new digital services.

Check the case

How do we do it?

We follow proven innovation and design processes. And we add our unique touch by approaching the design from three lenses: value-driven, data-driven, and positive impact. We work pragmatically by making big ideas quickly concrete and manageable and testing them with the target group.

We work closely with you through inspiring design workshops and feedback sessions so that your key stakeholders are on board, all available knowledge is optimally utilized, and everyone is aligned.


It creates a strong emotional connection with your users, leading to trust, increased loyalty, and engagement.


It ensures that you employ data-driven technology optimally with well-considered ethical choices.

Positive impact

It enables you to create a positive impact and to build sustainable relationships with your users.

What does it yield?

The result is a robust design of a sharp validated proposition that makes your customer happy, that is technically feasible, and economically viable. This delivers the following:

  • Align with the user and strategy.
  • Create a distinctive experience.
  • Be super simple to use.
  • Yield loyal users.
  • Smartly personalize based on data.


Digital innovation that you can feel and experience

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Interested in our value proposition?

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