Design systems

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One treasure trove for all the elements and guidelines that determine the digital customer experience of your organization. That is your design system. Here begins the excellent experience you want to offer your customers.

More cohesion in customer experience

You might recognize this: your organization knows very well how to address and persuade customers. However, the way this is implemented in practice varies by department and discipline, resulting in significant differences in form, style, and quality between touchpoints and a disjointed customer experience. A design system lays the foundation for the best, cohesive customer experience.

From brand value to reusable code

In a design system, you gather all the usable material that contributes to an efficient and consistent design of relevant services for your customers. This includes:

  • Components and design patterns.
  • Reusable code.
  • Design principles.
  • Color palettes and branding.
  • Brand values.
  • Personas.
  • Content guidelines and terminology.


End to end -multiplatform -design system

Discover how we developed an 'end-to-end' design system for Mediq in just five months, delivering a consistent and efficient digital experience. This system fosters innovation and ensures a superior user experience across various channels. View the full case here.

Check the case

Setting up your design system

Together, we determine what we do and do not include in the design system. We check existing material for relevance and currency and update it as necessary. If something is missing, we add it. And if something is not sufficiently applicable company-wide, we first make it reusable. We do all this in consultation with all stakeholders. This way, a basis for the design system is established throughout your organization.

Sustainable integration

Many organizations have already documented knowledge and methods that contribute to customer experience. Setting up a design system, therefore, does not have to take much time. But a good design system is never 'finished' and continues to grow with best practices. Therefore, it is important that the value of the design system is embedded in your organization. We answer questions like: Where is the design system located? Who is responsible for it? And how do you keep it organized and relevant?

The value in a nutshell

  • One source for an excellent customer experience, less debate between departments.
  • Higher pace of innovation thanks to shorter design and development time.
  • Easier access to current design knowledge, fewer mistakes.
  • Faster implementation of style adjustments.
  • Even more efficient prototyping and training with the integration of a sandbox.

What can we do for you

  • Advice on setting up your design system.
  • Initially setting up and populating your design system.
  • Organizing the processes for managing your design system.


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Design systems

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