Successful experience across all touchpoints

The digital world is rapidly evolving, and the number of new channels and touchpoints continues to grow. Organizations are looking for new ways to meet the high expectations of their customers. And at the same time, remain innovative and up-to-date with the newest technological developments.

Service design

Service design leads to a well-orchestrated development of your new service, and a successful experience across all its channels and touchpoints. This creates opportunities to build a truly valued customer experience, and forge long-term relationships with your customers.

Added value

Before setting about designing relevant and attractive applications or websites, you first need to get to know your customers (or users) well. Therefore, everything starts with a clear view of your customers. Who are they? What drives them? Our experience is that putting the customer first also helps align stakeholders within the organization, and assists in building co-operation between organizational silos. In this manner, added value is achieved both for the customer and the organization.

Customer journey as the starting point

Together we analyze the (new) service from A to Z. A customer journey clearly visualizes the experiences a customer undergoes. Which dialogues take place between the customer and the organization? What happens (and on what channel), and how do the touchpoints connect to one another? What are the “moments of truth”?

But in the search for positive, differentiating experiences, we don’t overlook issues such as technical and organizational impact and feasibility. As a result, we end up with an overall view of the (future) service, both customer facing, and behind-the-scenes.

service design illustration
  1. idea for a new service
  2. personas
  3. service principles
  4. customer journeys
  5. service ecosystem
  6. dialogues
  7. service blueprint
  8. prototype of the new service

Service design

  • Gives insight into customer motivations and drivers.
  • Results in a well-thought-out strategy and roadmap for an ideal experience across all touchpoints.
  • Helps form a shared understanding of the importance of customer value, independent of organizational silos.
  • Allows opportunities for the re-use of dialogues.
  • Maintains the feasibility of work through timely reality-checks.
  • Helps with accurate project scoping and planning.

Get the big picture

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