Improving CX maturity

How do you achieve excellent experiences for your customers, as well as the optimalization of your digital business? Many organizations which have mastered UX are facing new challenges. They are looking for fast, efficient ways to remain innovative, and to bridge the gaps between organizational silos. But achieving excellent CX can’t cost them a fortune.

Informaat collaborates strategically with organizations that seek to improve their CX maturity. We have the expertise, experience and people to help realize the desired goal.

What do you need to excel in CX?

With experience orchestration, we work together in partnership to find the answers to question such as: What can I do to better facilitate CX? How do I position CX in my organization? What does a roadmap towards CX excellence look like? What people, expertise and methods are necessary? How can I aim towards results?

How we get to work

Our approach differs for each organization, depending on the situation and desires of the client. We often begin with vision and strategy workshops. These are useful to formulate the ambition level and goals.

We use Informaat’s CX Framework (see below) and other best practice models to make the CX vision and strategy concrete. Afterwards, we determine together the steps that must be taken to achieve them: A focused approach with clear results for the short, medium and long term.

Through our effective orchestration and guidance of CX activities and initiatives – in which progress is measured in the form of chosen KPIs – you will be well-positioned to deliver customer experience excellence.

Illustration: Informaat CX framework with some example activities

Can you benefit from our guidance?

We would be happy to tell you more about our Experience orchestration abilities. Contact /Danny-van-Wieringen.

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