The power of visualization

Visualization demonstrates the future customer experience by bringing it to life. Sketches, storyboards, scenario posters or short films simply communicate better than thick documents. Quick visualization helps make an idea, vision or strategy concrete, and involves the rest of the organization in innovation. In addition, a concrete vision leads to more efficient decision-making and puts the focus on realization.


An idea that has no traction within the organization invariably ends up gathering dust. If you’re looking for traction, visualization is your best friend. In workshop settings, we involve stakeholders in analyzing the latest trends and developments, and visualizing these desired future situations in customer journeys.

Taking a customer perspective provides the answers to several questions: What is the intended customer experience? What is the impact of strategic choices on this experience? Visualizations also help to validate an idea, or provide the starting point for developing alternative solutions. Appealing visualizations of service scenarios and user scenarios builds enthusiasm both within the team and within the wider organization, rather than trying to use long, written documents.

The power of imagery

We don’t only apply our visual skills to the concept design of a website or app, but also to more abstract designs, such as strategic issues. The power of imagery is in many ways unmatched. Visualization is therefore a standard part of our service design approach.

A glimpse of the future?

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