Refining the concept

At Informaat, we dive into the details but we don’t get lost in them. During detail design, we refine the design and apply it to a specific application. We apply generic design patterns to all the dialogues that are in-scope for development. We ensure that the concept is robust enough to perform in reality. And we satisfy ourselves that the design is applied accurately and thoroughly.

Surprise your users with well-thought-out details

Ingenious micro-interactions, icons designed with care and attention, a sophisticated balance between imagery and text, a friendly feedback page. These are examples of the seemingly small things that have an outsized impact on the overall user experience.

Quick time-to-market

Delivering digital services quickly and easily requires a good co-operation between specialists. We do what it takes to make the design ready for implementation, so that valuable time isn’t lost during development. If the structure, design, interaction and content are clearly defined, development simply goes more smoothly. Our specialists deliver all the design and content elements that are necessary to make a product or service become a reality. Before you know it, your service will be up and running.

Ready for development

We are used to working iteratively and in small, multi-disciplinary (scrum) teams, following the Agile approach. This allows us to make rapid progress, but at the same time, adjust our efforts easily.

For organizations that work with remote development teams or who need design documents, we ensure that our deliverables can easily be handed over: wireframes, interactive high-fidelity prototypes and design specifications. And of course we offer good feedback and guidance as design progresses, because we don’t ascribe to the approach of just “throwing it over the fence”.

Ready to dive into the details?

If you want to optimalize your user experience and surprise those users with sublime interactions, contact /DacoBogaard.

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