UX professionalization

User experience design has a proven impact on user experience and on the bottom line. You don’t want to leave that to chance. A good UX team can make all the difference. But what expertise’s, people and methods do you need? How do you keep UX expertise within the organization? And how can you integrate UX activities within an Agile development process?

Starting small for the best results

We harness our experience in order to integrate UX in the best possible manner within an organization. How do we do that? It depends on the developmental maturity level of your organization. Together we can determine the best method to integrate a professional UX capability within your organization, and lay the groundwork for its further growth.

Earning more clout

Perhaps you’re currently working with external design agencies and want to bring UX expertise in house. We know the right people. Or perhaps there is already an established UX department, but you can see that they’re lacking clout within the organization. We can also help you tackle this problem. Step-by-step, we can ensure that an efficient UX capability takes root in your organization, and leads to better products and services, and greater customer value.

This is what we do

Our activities are focused on staffing, processes, and management:

  • Integrating design into existing development processes.
  • Sharing best practices, such as reference processes, “how-to’s”, and templates.
  • Providing advice, e.g. on the use of design tools.
  • Creating libraries of reusable components.
  • Putting content management in place for the organization.
  • Recruitment and selection of UX professionals.

Looking to make the difference with UX?

If you’d like to secure the role of UX within your organization, /MarcelKosters can tell you more about the creation of professional (UX) design capabilities.

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