What is a customer journey?

An increasing number of companies use customer journeys to analyze the customer interactions with their organization. Such a customer journey visualizes the expectations, experiences and emotions of a customer while interacting with a service or buying and using a product. Important are the so-called ‘Moments of truth’: the moments on which you either make a positive difference for a customer, or on which the experience is disappointing and leads to the customer leaving the process. The information that you gather is used to improve and optimize the current customer journey, which quickly leads to better results.

Illustration of customer journey with icons
Illustration of a customer journey with journey icons to map out the customer experience

Envision the future

Nowadays, you can only be sustainably successful if you inspire and engage your customers, and when you know how to offer them outstanding and consistent cross-channel quality. It takes more than optimizing the current customer journey to do so continuously. What you need to do is use the customer journey as reflection of your company’s vision on the future. What will our services look like in a number of years? And what do we need to do to get there?

Sustainable improvement

Customer journeys will become more valuable if you use them both for short-term optimization and long-term improvements for sustainable customer experience. That’s why you’ll also need other tools from the toolbox of service design next to customer journey mapping. For example, personas (For which customers do I want to map the customer journey?), ecosystems (In which context does the customer journey take place?) and service blueprints (What should we change or organize internally for this customer journey?).

More about customer journeys?

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