Bridge between organization and customer

Omnichannel content strategy bridges the gap between user needs and business goals. That raises a few critical questions. What is your organization’s goal, and how can this be achieved through relevant content? It is clear that there’s no need to show identical content on each channel. But how can you ensure your main message is the same and has the same tone of voice? How do you maintain content in a manner in which customers experience the brand as a coherent, consistent and attractive whole on each channel? The answers to these questions ultimately determine whether or not customers are drawn and loyal to your organization or brand.

To increase your insight into the relation between content and customer experience, you can use our Content Journey Map.

Omnichannel content strategy

Informaat's seven pillars of omnichannel content strategy
  1. Customer centered
  2. Form and content
  3. Future proof
  4. Modular structure
  5. Own voice
  6. Governance
  7. Quantifiable results

Co-ordinated use of all channels

A content strategy describes how you can align content on all channels such as, internet, social media and customer services. After all, a customer rarely gets in touch through a single channel. Taking an omnichannel approach with regard to content means content flexibly adjusts depending on the channel, kind of device, the location or the customer’s profile.

Solid architecture for flexible content

The key phrase is ‘Create Once Publish Everywhere’ (COPE). If you turn content into small chunks, you can decide what you do and don’t want to show (immediately) for each channel. By adding the right metadata to each chunk, you can show your customers tailor-made content, for example based on their personal profile. Thus, you optimally provide for the need of your customer and save on lead time and cost.

Plan for creation and maintenance

Our content strategists help you to bring your content creation to a higher level. We make an inventory of existing content, cut and crop where necessary and take a modular approach. If necessary, together we’ll look for a new CMS that can take on modular content. And we don’t overlook the need for content maintenance, because it’s important to know who is responsible and how work can be done efficiently. We clearly identify content ownership, and optimize the creation and editing processes for textual content, imagery, and social media output. The result is a sound approach for delivering engaging and adaptive content, with which you can reach sustainable results.

Not words, but value

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