Good design relies on empathy

A concept is successful if it matches the motivations of users and sparks their enthusiasm. It should exceed their expectations. For example, by delivering relevant functionality or compelling content. Therefore, we always begin our work with user analysis. We put ourselves in the shoes of the users, and maintain our strong focus on them through all design decisions. In doing so, we’re working from the principles of design thinking: Context-led, iterative, and visualized early. Because sketches and storyboards make the impact of choices crystal clear.

Gather feedback as soon as possible

In our Agile approach, each idea is validated through timely feedback, and then further improved and developed. This is where the value of a prototype shines through. First in low-fidelity (on paper, in sketch form), and later developed into a clickable model in which the touchpoint is brought to life with realistic content and functionality. So instead of “lorem ipsum”, real, readable text validates that the concept works in practice. Good content is a crucial ingredient in delivering a successful user experience.

Model dialogues and design patterns

During concept design we explore the breadth, but we don’t fail to take into account the depth. We therefore aim to identify core dialogues of the service or application, and develop reusable design patterns. Because a good concept should deliver consistency to the digital service, and form the basis for reusability. This means that development can proceed faster, and more smoothly.

What do we do?

We put in significant effort to ensure that a creative concept is translated into a digital touchpoint:

  • rely on the voice of the end-user
  • create a reference design to serve as the basis for your future websites, applications, intranets and mobile apps
  • motivate stakeholders and secure their support
  • create a content design
  • prepare guidelines and design briefs to lead detail design activities


Have you seen what we’ve designed? Have a look in our portfolio or contact /DacoBogaard. He can show you examples of our concept design work, and would be happy to tell you more about our iterative approach.

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