“As a senior service design consultant from Informaat, I joined Rabobank as an interim professional. Applying my expertise, I developed since 2008 - when I joined Informaat to launch their service design proposition - I helped create the methodology used by service designers within the customer journey teams.

Led by retail marketing within Rabobank, the customer journey method was identified as a way of delivering on the promise of a strong customer focus. Cross-functional teams dedicated to customer journey work were created in early 2014. However despite having a large (60+) internal UX department, Rabobank had no internal capacity to support these teams with UX and service design expertise.

Customer journey team

At Rabobank, each customer journey team consists of a ‘Customer Journey Owner’, a dedicated role responsible for customer journey management within one line of business, alongside data analysts, product and proposition owners, copywriters, developers and data-driven marketers. Working alongside the Customer Journey Owner is a service designer, responsible for maintaining the customer-centricity of the teams, and applying the service design methodology.

Service design illustratie

Service design as a customer journey method

I adapted and evolved the customer journey document in use at the time, taking the Informaat methodology and documentation and adopting it for application within Rabobank. In doing so, the customer journey technique brought a greater customer focus to the bank’s way of working. In addition to laying the groundwork for the growing service design team, I also introduced new workshop techniques, gave training to future Customer Journey Owners, and helped influence the strategy input of the UX department in customer journey management.

During my time at Rabobank, I applied my service design and customer journey expertise to a wide variety of challenging projects, from insurance to bank-wide strategies aimed at improving cash-based transactions, to international entrepreneurship activities of the bank’s mid-corporate clients.

Taking service design in-house

During my two-year engagement at Rabobank, the service design team grew from two people to around fourteen people at the time of my departure in early 2016. Through my role as an Interim Professional, Rabobank was able to harness the expertise of a seasoned professional, and use it to bolster their internal capabilities and accelerate their further growth.

Not only is the Rabobank service design team a Dutch pioneer in terms of size, it represents an instance of a trend in the greater service design world: the creation of mature, in-house teams.”

Working context

As part of an organization-wide focus on improving customer experience, Rabobank initiated an ambitious effort to put customer journeys techniques at the heart of marketing and UX activities. This came in response to a sense that while both parts of the business were delivering projects that affected customer experiences across the bank, a more holistic and strategic approach to unify these efforts was needed. As an interim professional service designer, I played a crucial and long-lasting role in supporting the implementation of customer journeys, as well as helped to create a service design capability within the bank.

As one of the four large Dutch retail banks, Rabobank brings a unique heritage to the world of financial services, tracing its roots as a co-operative bank back more than 115 years. More than 7m customers (of which 2m are stakeholders) belong to 106 individually-operated local banks, which in turn rely on Rabobank’s Utrecht office for shared activities. These include many marketing, product- and proposition-development, UX and design functions.

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