More attractive and efficient

Health insurance company CZ wanted an attractive website and a more efficient process for content maintenance. Informaat carried out a “content scan” and developed a new classification of content for the website.

After a thorough analysis of the existing information, visitor statistics, and tasks per audience type, Informaat designed a task-oriented structure and navigation model for the domains “Consumer”, “Employer”, “Intermediary” and “Healthcare providers”.

By building the information in the content management system (CMS) in a modular way, ongoing maintenance and re-use of information by content managers is now simpler and more efficient.

To finish the project, we oversaw the content migration process from the old environment to the new environment within the CMS.

Visible progress maintained team member involvement

Just as when moving home, a content migration should happen quickly and efficiently, without interrupting day-to-day activities.

Therefore, Informaat divided the migration into short sprints following the Agile approach. This allowed improvements to be quickly visible, and kept everyone aligned towards the goal: Assisting users in quickly and simply accomplishing their tasks.

A content reduction of between 40–70 percent

As part of every content migration project, Informaat’s content specialists conduct an analysis on relevance and timeliness. This saves the client time and money for the migration itself. In CZ’s case, Informaat established that 70 percent of the 1,200 consumer-focused pages could be removed. For the domains “Employer”, “Intermediary” and “Healthcare providers” this number was 40 percent.

As a result of the cleanup and reclassification, the findability of information about insurances and reimbursements on CZ’s websites has been markedly improved. The pages now score higher in search engine results, and product pages have higher conversion rates.

With the new content classification in place, CZ has scored a double-win. In 2012, CZ was chosen as the most popular website of the year in the category “health and wellness” (by market research agency MetrixLab). In 2013, CZ won the prize “Health insurer with the best online service” (by research agency WUA).

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