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CRV is a leading, internationally oriented co-operative for cattle improvement. They offer dairy and beef farmers all kinds of services that contribute to a better and healthier herd. An important part of their services is the software suite ‘Cattle manager’. Farmers use it to record all their animals’ data and to interact with services for their herd. The application has become very complex over time. In the coming years we will help CRV to split the application in manageable and usable modules which we will redesign for an excellent user experience.

User experience for the farmer

DHM Innovation Award

Farmers are practical people. There’s always something happening, always work to do. These days farming has been mechanized on a large scale. Barns, cows and machines are equipped with computers that generate a constant stream of data the farmer uses to monitor and adjust their growing farms. All the time there is pressure to take the right and economically profitable decisions. The applications they use to attain this are increasingly more mobile and crucial for their daily work practice. The first application we designed with CRV is a module to breed with genomic data (so-called genetic characteristics of an animal based on genome scans). This application was awarded the innovation award of the international Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards at the World Dairy Expo.

CRV Herd Optimizer

Design organisation for CRV

CRV is a textbook example of a company that has grown from a co-operative traditional field to that of information specialist. Owing to the years of knowledge and skills of farmers, it has been known for a long time that you need to keep track of all sorts of data of your cattle collectively to be able to improve a herd. By now, products and services that have been based on generations of data are sold worldwide and CRV is an IT-leader in their market. CRV works with us to grow towards becoming a design organisation to make user experience a systematic part of application design and development. They do so in order to reach their goal for more passionate farmers ‘all over the world’.

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