“With the increasing relevance of digital products and services more and more organizations have decided to formalize and structure their research, design and development activities for user experience (UX). They initiate specific teams, groups or departments of designers, researchers and/or developers with a manager as a leader. In this way, a new role has been established with specific tasks, responsibilities and accountabilities: the UX manager. UX managers are facing several challenges, and it is expected that they provide adequate responses. But the UX manager role is new and there are very few knowledge sources they can consult for learning or inspiration. That is why we have taken the initiative to organize regular meetings for managers of UX teams and departments: the ‘UX Management Circle’. The sessions of the Circle are invite-only and targeted at a small group of participants, allowing them to share their challenges and responses and to learn from and inspire each other.”

Informaat has initiated the UX Management Circle and moderates its sessions. On Tuesday 31 january 2019, Informaat organizes edition 18 of the UX Management Circle. Location is at Informaat (Baarn).