“Data driven service design: When qualitative data meets quantitative data (Service Design Network Netherlands Workout): In this workout 3 speakers (see below) will share their best practices and learnings in combining quantitative data with qualitative data in their service design process: How can you combine these different data streams? And what value does it offer? Barbara Koop (Funda) will show how Funda uses a multi-angled quantitative and qualitative approach to collect and validate insights quickly. Erik Roscam Abbing (Livework) will present a service design project with OHRA wherein qualitative data was gathered in order to formulate insights which subsequently were validated quantitatively. Lex Dekker (ABN-AMRO) will present the development of ‘gradefix’; a service to get a quick overview of your financial situation in relation to buying a house, in which quantitative and qualitiative data from consumers were iteratively used through all phases of development of the service.”

Informaat is co-organiser, sponsor and host of this event and participates with Susanne van Mulken and Jesse Grimes.

For more information, see also Service Design Network Netherlands Workouts.