“For this meetup we have 2 interesting talks for you. (1) ‘High-traffic locations in the experience economy’ - The value is in the experience. But how to capture this value? Companies should focus on enhancing and enchanting its customer experiences and align its business on its response to customer demand. This goes beyond the online experiences. The customers are walking and moving everywhere and their behaviour and expectations change. Martijn Steur from Kinetic Consultancy brings the business and the experience together for his clients. What are the challenges when designing customer journeys for a High-Traffic location, such as an airport? How does the transition of value take place and how can you translate them. Change stores into stories. Martijn will take us on the journey on the challenges within High-Traffic locations specifically the future of shopping and how airport where, are and should be evolving. (2) ‘Climbing the mountain: Maturing UX in a corporate environment’. Seven years ago Exact hired their first UX designers. The company recognized that it took specialists to make their business software easy to use. Cause for a celebration! But that was just the first step. Carina Palumbo and Joline Boschman are going to tell us how they deal with legacy in the software, proving that you are more than a window dresser, growing a team that made an impact, creating a UX vision and maturing UX processes.”

Informaat co-organizes this event with Soraya Cosaert and participates with Dominique Lankheet, Anke Sesink and Eva Vriezekolk.

For more information, see also Ladies that UX Utrecht.