• SEP
    Intersection 18
    Prague, EU

    “For the fifth time, Intersection conference brings together thinkers, doers and leaders in Enterprise Design. This year we will meet at the Theater Royal in Prague. Our theme is Scaling Ambitious Endeavours, and we will exchange on current thinking, practical approaches, real-life cases and useful tools. 6 years after publishing our book Intersection introducing the Enterprise Design Framework and idea, we are witnessing the emergence of a global and diverse community of practitioners. We are Enterprise and Business Architects, Service and Experience Designers, Brand and Culture Strategists, Systems and Design Thinkers, Transformation Consultants and Business Analysts. To be successful, we need to design the enterprises that shape our societies and economies, and spark innovation and transformation at scale.”

    Our speaker:

    Rob van der Haar (principal consultant)

    Collaboration Model for a Customer Experience Driven Enterprise

    “Many, if not all, enterprise organizations are in a digital and agile transformation. Transformations that should lead to better digital services and faster delivery of customer value and therefore offer ample opportunity to design excellence customer experiences. In reality however these transformations are driven from a technology or operational excellence perspective and the organization consultants leading the change often have a blind spot when it comes the role and implementation of design. The result is that different design activities within the organization remain unaligned, that designers are not sufficiently integrated nor in control of the design process and that design management loses grip on the quality of the customer experience. In the first part of his presentation Rob will give a number of examples how an organization can be made customer centric and design driven by ‘hacking’ an ongoing agile transformation. In the second part Rob will introduce an new type of transformation enterprises should be in if they want to remain relevant in the future: the experience transformation.”

    Susanne van Mulken participates in this conference.

    For more information on this event: Intersection18 Conference.

  • SEP
    EuroIA 2018
    Dublin, Ireland

    “The EuroIA summit is Europe’s leading Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience (UX) conference. It is a unique event that brings together veteran Information Architects, experts from diverse fields practising IA, and newcomers to the practice of IA and UX design. It showcases best practices and real-world results, along with the methods used to get there. It is organised every year in September, in a different European city. EuroIA 2018, in Dublin, will be the 14th edition.”

    Xander Roozen is co-organizer of this event and Peter Bogaards participates.

    For more information regarding this event: EuroIA 2018.

  • OCT
    Fronteers conference 2018

    “Fronteers Conference is organised by volunteers of Fronteers, the Dutch professional association for front-end developers. Besides organising Fronteers Conference, the professional association also runs regular meet-ups and workshops and an online job board. Fronteers has roughly 500 members, mainly from The Netherlands. As a volunteer organisation, we have more ideas than time. In order to deliver a smooth and professional conference, we continuously work together with third party partners for things like food, WiFi and logistics.”

    Cornelis Kolbach participates in this conference.

    For more information regarding this event: 11th Fronteers conference.

  • OCT
    World AI Summit 2018

    “World Summit AI is the world’s leading and most important summit for the entire AI ecosystem from Enterprise to Big Tech, Startups, Investors and Science. In 2017, the summit completely sold-out, drawing 2873 attendees from 72 countries, 140 of the most influential people in AI as speakers and all the big tech companies including Google, Facebook, IBM, Amazon, Intel, Uber and Apple. In 2018, we’re coming back with a bang! We’re doubling the size of the summit, expecting over 6000 attendees and 140 of the brightest brains on stage to tell you everything you need to know about AI. From applied solutions for enterprise, to mind-boggling innovation, to heated discussions on AI ethics and AI4good, World Summit AI will tackle head-on the most burning AI issues for 2018 and beyond.”

    Willem Duijvelshoff participates in this conference.

    For more information on this event, see World AI Summit 2018.