• SEP
    SDN Netherlands Workouts
    Exact, Delft

    “Are you a Service Designer working in an Agile context? Struggling between the smaller increments and taking time to shape the big picture? Trying to pull strings with multiple agile teams for the implementation of your solutions? In this SDN Meetup, we will reflect on our experiences of applying service design (thinking) in an agile context.”

    Informaat is co-organiser (Susanne van Mulken) and presents (Rob van der Haar) at this event.

    More information regarding this event: Service Design in Agile Settings (Service Design Network Netherlands)

  • SEP
    Hack to the future
    Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam

    In Dutch: “Wigo4it bestaat in september 10 jaar! 10 jaar samenwerking tussen de vier grootste gemeenten. 10 jaar dienstverlening binnen het sociaal domein aan onze burgers. En daar hebben we hard voor gewerkt. Daarom organiseren wij op dinsdag 26 september 2017 het: Sociaal4nl congres ‘Hack to the future’ Een mooi moment om de lessen die we hebben geleerd te delen. Kennis die de basis vormt voor de toekomst. Overal om ons heen bewegen overheid, samenleving en ICT systemen. Mogelijkheden voor (gemeentelijke) samenwerking en informatievoorziening op landelijk niveau worden nog belangrijker. Hoe bereid jij je hierop voor? Meld je aan voor ons congres, vier dit jubileum met ons. Krijg in één middag handvaten mee over onder andere: privacy, samenwerking, datagedreven sturing, het burgerperspectief en de laatste ontwikkelingen van de Participatiewet.”

    Mike Alders provides (in collaboration with Leonie Brouwer) a workshop on customer journeys.

    For more information on this event: Hack to the future (in Dutch).

  • SEP
    Int'l Service Design Experience
    Cork, Ireland

    “The event is being organised by Cork County Council (CCC) and Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) in conjunction with the Service Design Network (SDN) which represents the global service design community internationally. - This is the first event of its kind in Ireland and will be an exciting opportunity for people from all sectors interested in service design and design thinking to meet and share their ideas and experience. Design is a major factor in contributing to the transformation of products and services for all types of organisations. It allows companies to become more competitive and innovative and to delivery value to their customers. (…)”

    Informaat participates in this event with Jesse Grimes as moderator of the panel ‘Impact by Design’.

    More on this event: The International Service Design Experience 2017.

  • SEP
    EuroIA 2017
    Stockholm, Sweden

    “The EuroIA summit is Europe’s leading Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience (UX) conference. It is a unique event that brings together veteran Information Architects, experts from diverse fields practising IA, and newcomers to the practice of IA and UX design. It showcases best practices and real-world results, along with the methods used to get there. It is organised every year in September, in a different European city. EuroIA 2017, in Stockholm, will be the 13th edition.”

    Xander Roozen and Peter Bogaards participate in this event.

    For more information regarding this event: EuroIA 2017.

  • OKT
    UX management circle 14
    Philips Design, Amsterdam

    “With the increasing relevance of digital products and services more and more organizations have decided to formalize and structure their research, design and development activities for user experience (UX). They initiate specific teams, groups or departments of designers, researchers and/or developers with a manager as a leader. In this way, a new role has been established with specific tasks, responsibilities and accountabilities: the UX manager. UX managers are facing several challenges, and it is expected that they provide adequate responses. But the UX manager role is new and there are very few knowledge sources they can consult for learning or inspiration. That is why we have taken the initiative to organize regular meetings for managers of UX teams and departments: the ‘UX Management Circle’. The sessions of the Circle are invite-only and targeted at a small group of participants, allowing them to share their challenges and responses and to learn from and inspire each other.”

    Informaat has initiated the UX Management Circle and moderates its sessions. On Tuesday 3 october 2017 Informaat organizes the fourteenth edition of the UX Management Circle. Location is at Philips Design (Amsterdam).

  • NOV
    Service Design Global Conference
    Madrid, Spanje

    “SDN is looking forward to more than 600 participants from all over the world coming together to learn, share and network with business partners, designers and academics. The vivid exchange of experiences, ideas and different perspectives with the openminded and creative service design community is the highlight of the service design year! Side-events like the exclusive members event and – reception, Young Talents Day, Service Design Tours and the annual Service Design Award make this a must for anyone interested in innovation for services in the private and public sector. Become a part of this annual get-together of thinkers, doers and leaders. Join SDN in Madrid´s La Nave for buzzing and vibrant days with inspiring talks and intense breakout sessions on 2nd and 3rd of November 2017. And don´t miss the exclusive SDN members day and - reception and outstanding side-events on November 1st. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Madrid!”

    Informaat is co-sponsor and will attend this event with Eva Vriezekolk, Bregtje van Rossum-Viegers, Marcel Kosters, Susanne van Mulken and Jesse Grimes.

    For more information on this event: Service Design Global Conference 2017.