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User experience (UX) is the way a person feels about using a product, system or service. (source: Wikipedia)

Recognizing the importance of UX for the Unified Communication marketplace

Each year, research consultancy Gartner surveys the Unified Communication marketplace – the vendors responsible for hardware and software driving enterprise-scale telephony and communications systems. The 2013 edition cites a number of “clues to the future”, and one of the important factors for the future of this sector is at the core of what we do: User experience.

SX Conference: ‘Design for the connected age’

Recently, Adaptive Path hosted their first Service Experience (SX) conference in San Francisco. The event brought together speakers and attendees from companies, agencies, and public sector organizations. Sketchnotes and some presentations are now available online.

A guide to experience mapping

Designing and delivering customer-focused services relies on a deep understanding of the customers themselves. Personas are one technique to reach this goal, but tell only one side of the story. Experience maps — on the other hand — put the journey and experience of customers in the context of the service.

Design as a discipline

Establishing the value of design in today’s large-scale enterprises is a difficult challenge. Inflexible IT structures, a change-resistant organizational culture, or perceived cost might all be to blame. An external player with clout and authority is one way to get it done, and a new approach promoted by Deloitte is doing just that.

The Web and Beyond 2012: A trip report

On 26 September 2012, “The Web and Beyond” conference took place in Amsterdam. The theme of this conference was “‘Momentum’: How do I get my organization obsessed with customers?” Here is a trip report written from the perspectives of a content designer (Barbara) and an UX designer (Luc).

The new “multi-screen” world

Its origins as a simple search engine long a dusty memory, Google now offers its products and services across just about any digital touchpoint you could name. So when it comes to research and recommendations on what today’s “multi-screen” world means for businesses, their findings make for interesting reading.

Content strategy

How to create content that users will value, instead of using content to create value

Even though the term content strategy existed before Kristina Halvorson’s “Content strategy for the web” was published, its usage only really took flight after that. Like all hot topics, it is used far and wide and for different purposes, but with a clear core message: content rules the web, for better or for worse.

UX design and change management: Epilogue [Part 10/10]

The experience economy is a reality. Many organizations are in need of significant improvements of their customer experience. But that doesn’t happen automatically, so design thinking is mandatory, and organizations need to raise their design IQ; they must change. With the preceding series of posts, I have tried to indicate what the synergy between UX design and change management can accomplish.