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Information architecture is the categorization of information into a coherent structure, preferably one that most people can understand quickly, if not inherently. (source: Wikipedia)

Cross-channel blueprint depicts experiences between touchpoints

Originated from the field of service design, the service blueprint is a great way to visualize all user interactions with a single service. But the blueprint has some disadvantages designing for experiences between touchpoints. An upgrade is needed. Designer Tyler Tate outlines the added value of cross-channel blueprints for designers focusing beyond individual websites.

Why IAs are needed in the kitchen

Better content management through information architecture

On the web, there are several debates about the future of information architecture. Some of the debaters warn us about the near death of the information architect (Joshua Porter). Others foresee information architecture 3.0 (Peter Morville) and then there are evangelists who believe that the future of information architecture will be about architecting massive networks, and even cities. (Shel Kimen).