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Where we are and what awaits us in 2014

Collecting new year trends from crystal ball readers

At the end of every year, analysts, thinkers and watchers provide their view on where we stand and what’s ahead of us in the coming year. These crystal ball readers predict our future with lots of statistical materials, like diagrams, charts and other nifty visualizations. Applied to various domains such as the internet, mobile or (social) media, they all agree on one thing: Digital disruption of society is getting stronger and stronger. So, what’s their predictions for 2014?

Tomorrow’s retail banking: What’s driving change?

Retail banking has changed significantly in the past fifteen years, with the standard operating model now including touchpoints and technologies far removed from traditional counter-based transactions. A recurrent focus on the customer is at the core of these changes, according to a recent post.

The employee experience matters too

Despite the increasing prevalence of digital-only services, our daily lives are still comprised of many person-to-person interactions with service providers. From restaurant waitstaff to call center agents, our experience with services is heavily influenced by those we engage with. Focusing on the customer experience is at the heart of successful organizations, and good employee experience plays a role here too.

Design as a discipline

Establishing the value of design in today’s large-scale enterprises is a difficult challenge. Inflexible IT structures, a change-resistant organizational culture, or perceived cost might all be to blame. An external player with clout and authority is one way to get it done, and a new approach promoted by Deloitte is doing just that.

“Intersection”: A comprehensive look at enterprise design

Milan Guenther’s recently-published “Intersection: How Enterprise Design Bridges the Gap Between Business, Technology and People” takes an in-depth look at the broad set of disciplines and techniques that fall under the term “enterprise design” – a subject close to our heart.

A maturity path for customer experience

Researching CX practices in telecom organizations

What are the responsibilities and the authority of customer experience owners within organizations? This research question was answered by senior customer experience professionals and executives from leading telcos in various continents. Telcos are allocating the most resources to customer experience. But while 92% of telecom executives say that customer experience is a top strategic objective of theirs, as customers, they rate the experience poorly or average at best. So, where are telcos on the maturity path for CX?

Customer experience requires new diagrams for organizations and processes

At the NASSCOM Summit 2012, process specialist Steve Towers gave the opening keynote on “outside-in thinking”. In his presentation, he stated that customers are not at the center of most companies and processes, because both are based on diagrams representing the organization and processes of a Scottish factory described by “accountant” Adam Smith.

Designers in suits: Richard Buchanan

If you wanted to instill “design thinking” into today’s organizations, integrating it into a design school curriculum might seem like a good start. But Richard Buchanan made a more astute choice, leaving a design school to teach at a management school, and ensuring that MBA students leave with a truly innovative perspective.