BiRDS on a W!RE is the public conversation platform of Informaat experience design and Informaat CXP. The platform addresses topics regarding the application of creative design in a systematic way to customer and user experience (design).

We will cover two types of content. First, original concepts, ideas and experiences from our own authors (our ‘birds’) which they consider relevant, interesting or newsworthy. Second, radar posts of what’s happening in the world of customer and user experience (design) by other birds.

Some topics you can find here: Agile/Scrum, content strategy, culture, customer journeys, customer understanding, design thinking, digital strategy, governance, information architecture, interaction design, measurement, patterns, personas, prototyping, re-usability, scenarios, service design, service ecologies, usability, user-centered design, visual design, user and customer experience.

We welcome any contribution from birds that helps the field move forward.

Comments, questions, criticisms, and bug reports are always welcome. Just send them to ‘birds at informaat dot com’.